Basic virological techniques
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Starting August 6, 2019 5 days

In the era of emerging and re-emerging infections, diagnosis of the pathogen plays a critical role. Demonstrating skills in virological techniques is one of the strengths in research and diagnosis of the infections. This course provides a platform to learn and gain hands-on experience in these vital basic virological techniques.

  • Laboratory & syndromic approach in diagnostic virology
  • Collection, packaging, transport& processing of the sample
  • Cell culture technique
  • Virus isolation
  • Quantification of virus
  • Neutralization assay
  • Haemagglutination & Haemagglutination inhibition assay
  • Immunofluorescence assay
  • Conventional &real time PCR

The course has six units and includes practical sessions along with their respective theory sessions.

  • Unit 1 Syndromic approach addresses the importance of the syndromic approach in diagnostic virology
  • Unit 2 Sample processing covers the process of collection, packaging, transport and processing of the sample
  • Unit 3 Isolation of virus includes the cell culture techniques involved and different methods of used in the isolation of virus from the sample
  • Unit 4 Quantification of the virus; various methods of quantification of virus including tissue culture infective does 50, plaque assay, hemagglutination assay
  • Unit 5. Neutralisation of the virus; different neutralisation techniques like micro-neutralisation assay, plaque reduction and neutralisation assay, hemagglutination inhibition assay
  • Unit 6 Diagnostics methods; conventional polymerase chain reaction(PCR), real-time PCR (Uniplex and multiplex) and immunofluorescence assay will be demonstrated.

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    I would like to join the course kindly give details including duration of course

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